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 Will AI change how cyber security is done?

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The future of holistic, evidence-based, data-driven cyber security

There’s lots of talk of powerful AIs like GPT leading to a quantum leap in the quality and ease of cyber attacks. But what about the other side of the coin? Can AI be used to boost and even build a new generation of cyber defences?




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Stream A, session 2 - The future of holistic, evidence-based, data-driven cyber security


At the CYBERUK conference, in Belfast on 19-20 April, industry and government insiders will discuss the data-driven future of cyber security. The coming decade will be critical for business and nations alike as the race to develop cutting edge cyber AIs heats up. 

How can we ensure this race is won by the good guys? Will AI actually enhance decision making and strategy? What role will puny humans play in this machine-dominated future? Anyone involved in the day-to-day business of cyber defence will find this talk fascinating.

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