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 Renovating the house that cyber built

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Our digital architecture is due an overhaul, what are we waiting for?

To make the most of an increasingly connected future, our digital world must have strong, secure technological foundations. We’ve had the ability to do this for some time, but still there is plenty of work to do. Why is this? How can we push the issue of cyber resilience up the agenda? What needs to be done first?



This blog was written by the NCSC and is based on Plenary 4: We have the technology. Why aren't we using it? Let's commit to fixing our foundations. 



At CYBERUK 2023, an illustrious panel of experts will be thrashing out a solution to this problem. To hear what they come up with, you’ll need to be at the ICC Belfast from 19-20 April. This is the opening foray in a discussion that could shape the future of the industry and the online experience.

Connected utopia

The techno-utopian dreams which led to the internet saw connectivity and the free flow of information as an unmitigated good. Fast-forward several decades and the picture is not so rosy. 
The open, democratic and idealistic approach is being exploited by a rising tide of cyber crime, as authoritarian states seek to rebase our fundamental technologies to favour their surveillance and control agendas. 
What can we do about all this? At CYBERUK 2023, this question will be addressed by a blockbusting panel discussion titled, ‘We have the cyber technology. Why aren't we using it?’ 

Star-studded panel

Featuring luminaries such as Richard Grisenthwaite, Chief Architect at Arm, Andrew Hauser, Bank of England’s Executive Director of Markets, and Paul Stein, Chairman, Rolls Royce SMR, this panel discussion takes an unflinching look at the pressing need for an overhaul of our digital infrastructure. 
The debate opens with highlights from a talk between NCSC CEO Lindy Cameron and Hermann Hauser, highly respected tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Amadeus Capital Partners. Hermann and Lindy set the stage by considering the strengths which the UK has and some areas which are ripe for improvement.
Given our appetite for connectivity, improving resilience should be a high priority item for both private and public sectors. Getting this right will require commitment from producers and consumers of technology across industry and government, as well as policy makers and academic researchers in a range of disciplines.

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