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Divided We Fall

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Top brass talks brass tacks on international cyber

CYBERUK 2023 opens with a not-to-be-missed discussion between agency brass, industry leads and government insiders on the necessity for international co-operation on cyber security.

Under the heading ‘Divided we fall’, an internationally renowned panel will focus on shared global challenges, including technology leadership, fragmenting cyber ecosystems, and supply chain issues. 

Having covered future strategic threats and risks, the debate will turn to questions of exactly where and how nations and institutions should collaborate.





A clear view

It’s clear that cyber security is an essential element of our future prosperity, but opinions differ about how we’re going to achieve a more secure and resilient digital world. 

From criminals to nation-state activity, the challenges are numerous. Whether it is preventing safe havens for ransomware gangs, stopping crypto exchange rinsing ill-gotten gains, or shutting down the marketplace for stolen data, it can be hard to envisage workable solutions.

It’s hard to see a way through these issues when you take even a brief look at our increasingly fractious world. Fortunately for those attending CYBERUK this year, the panel members speaking at the opening discussion at CYBERUK 2023 have a clear picture of what needs to be done.

As a new generation of digital technology replaces the old, this talk will air some thought-provoking ideas and telling insights on what it’s going to take for cyber security to remain a meaningful force for good in years to come. 

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