Welcome to ICC Belfast

The International Convention Centre (ICC) Belfast is within a 10-minute walk of the heart of Belfast  one of Europe’s most accessible, vibrant and flourishing cities. The venue is committed to accessibility and sustainability.




ICC Belfast strives to provide an inclusive environment for visitors, contractors and employees and address the needs of all visitors to the venue.

An induction loop is available for the venue. Please let a steward know on arrival so that we can accommodate you. Waterfront Hall and Waterfront Studio both have an infra-red system. Customers are requested to turn their hearing aid to ‘T’ setting to enable this.

Over 80 percent of ICC Belfast staff have completed JAM card training. JAM, which stands for Just a Minute, is a concept developed by social enterprise NOW Group. It supports customers to communicate their accessibility needs discreetly, highlighting that they may need a little extra time and patience during their visit.

Please contact the event team in advance of your visit if you have any specific accessibility requirements you would like us to be aware of.


ICC Belfast pledge

"Environment is one of our 8 company values, and we recognise the impact that our iconic venues have in Northern Ireland. Delivering world-class business and entertainment events benefits everyone – socially, culturally and economically. As custodians of these culturally significant venues, we are committed to delivering on our present aims and objectives without compromising the ability of future generations to successfully continue this legacy. It is our goal to reduce the environmental impact of our business through the adoption and promotion of sustainability principles, providing a safe and sustainable environment for our team, clients and customers, as well as to our communities."

Food at the ICC Belfast

Food at ICC Belfast is seasonal, made fresh to order to minimise food waste. Dishes are inspired by the best fresh local produce to reduce food miles, while all packaging is 100% recyclable, including compostable and biodegradable drinks cups and cutlery.