Stream Information 

Securing an open and resilient digital future, the theme for 2023, will examine how today’s cyber ecosystem must adapt in order to keep the UK the safest place to live and work online. It will explore new ways that the sector – worth £10 billion to the UK economy – can join together: to innovate and to strengthen, to resist new threats and to be ready for opportunities.

The four plenary sessions seek to open the conversation around the future threat landscape. Reflecting on the question of what does cyber security look like in ten years, all four panels seek to throw light on challenging questions that we need to address if we are going to protect users of systems in the future.

These Technical masterclasses will run parallel to the plenary sessions and will provide content developed specifically for security professionals, based on the common technical challenges that practitioners are currently facing.

Building and nurturing a strong cyber ecosystem – equipped with the best skills, standards and services – to bolster the resilience of the UK and its allies today and in the future.

Setting out current and potential threats, risks and vulnerabilities facing our global community and ways in which they can be responded to and mitigated.

Addressing hard problems, root causes and getting the foundations right in order to gain and hold technology advantage.

Opportunities for interactive learning aligned to key skills and challenges for the industry.