CYBERUK Online 2024

Welcome to CYBERUK Online - on this channel you will find live streamed content for the forthcoming 2024 event, as well as a range of content from previous events, conversations, topic reviews and insights

CYBERUK 2024 - Live stream content 

The below sessions will be live streamed to our CYBERUK Online channel during CYBERUK 2024: 

Tuesday 14 May

Wednesday 15 May

09:30 - 11:00 

Global Leadership Panel: Responding to an Evolving Threat Picture

09:15 - 10:50

Future Ready Plenary: Securing Critical Sectors in a Changing Threat Environment

11:40 - 12:25

Future Ready Plenary: Building a Workforce of the Future: Human-Machine Teaming and Beyond


11:30 - 12:15

Stream C, Session 3: Defending as One 

13:45 - 14:35

Stream A, Session 1: How Do We Incentivise the Market to Invest in Secure-by-Design? 

12:30 - 13:15

Stream C, Session 1: Setting Standard for Cyber Expertise 

Please note, this session will be delivered at CYBERUK 2024 on Tuesday 14 May however will not be streamed until Wednesday 15 May

14:50 - 15:35

Stream A, Session 2: AI Security: How Do We Use AI To Make Ourselves More Cyber Secure?

15:20 - 16:30 

Future Threat Plenary: Building Resilience Across Crises, Conflict, and Competition

16:15 - 17:15 

Future Tech Plenary: Future Tech Beyond the Horizon


  Please click here to view the full CYBERUK 2024 event agenda. 

The Journey to CYBERUK 2024

'Future Tech' with the Director of National Resilience & Future Technology at the NCSC

'Future Threat' with the Deputy Director, Incident Management at the NCSC

'Future Ready' with the Deputy Director, Critical National Infrastructure at the NCSC

'Future Ready' with the Deputy Director, Cyber Growth at the NCSC

'Future Tech' with the NCSC's Chief Technology Officer 

In April 2023, the city of Belfast hosted CYBERUK for the first time. Over 2,300 cyber security leaders and professionals came together across 3 days to explore the theme of "securing an open and resilient digital future". Watch the recorded sessions below.

Plenary sessions

Plenary 1  |  Divided we fall: Global cooperation to secure an open and resilient digital future

Plenary 2  |  How do we want the cyber proliferation race to end?

Plenary 3  |  Three R's of cyber security: Russia, ransomware and resilience

Plenary 4  |  We have the technology. Why aren't we using it?

Stream sessions

Stream A, Session 4  |  Northern Ireland insights: Creating a future cyber education ecosystem

Stream B, Session 1  |  How will the cyber threat landscape evolve?

Stream C, Session 3  |  Hardware security: Impact to industry


Lindy Cameron interviews Jen Easterly

Chris Ensor interviews Clar Rosso

James Stewart interviews Viscount Camrose

Felicity Oswald interviews Edwards Parsons

Paul Chichester interviews Professor Thomas Rid

Felicity Oswald interviews Professor Simon Hepburn

Jonathon Ellison interviews Winnona DeSombre

Ian McCormack interviews Mike Fell

James Stewart interviews Katie Moussouris

Chris Ensor interviews David Crozier

Eleanor Fairford interviews Mihaela Jembei